Photo Management Suite

Photo Management Suite is an Open Source graphical Qt application written in C++ and licensed under the GNU General Public License which eases the process of renaming / sorting, rotating and resizing images from digital cameras. It also supports applying an overlay image (such as a logo). Files can be renamed by their EXIF date which allows sorting of mixed up images from different cameras. Photo Management Suite was originally created for

Photo Management Suite has been written by Sven Jacobs.


The current release 0.1 is an alpha version. All features basically work but lots of user friendliness still needs to be added.


Photo Management Suite may work with lower versions than noted above though this has not yet been tested!

Supported operating systems

If you got this program working on Windows or OS X and / or with other versions of the mentioned libraries then please let me know!


Current version is 0.1 alpha which has been released on 2005-01-09.


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